The All Star Teams recognize the top bowlers in the Association. There will be six All Star Teams, each team will be comprised of the top five bowlers in that category, The teams are Adult Males, Adult Females, Seniors Male, Seniors Females, Youth Male and Youth Females.

ALL STAR teams for 2012 / 2013

The Male All Star Team

Chris Bolosan 233.20
Troy D. McKinney 232.86
Ricky Boyters 230.72
Joey Wetzler 230.48
Jonathan Gary 230.04

The Female All Star Team

Dawn Campbell 205.00
Brandee Dineen 204.89
Rene Brubaker 203.99
Cindi Kruschke 203.40
Hannah Harris 200.97

The Male Senior All Star Team

William E. Tenan, Jr. 219.75
Terry Earnhardt 218.61
Gregory Tschupp 217.01
Richard “Jay” Coons 213.62
Eddite Blunt 213.24

The Female Senior All Star Team

Vivian O. Blunt 196.28
Edith A. Perrin 173.50
Bridgette Drake 172.05
Kathy Tenan 171.60
Jacqueline McCarthy 171.03

The Male Youth All Star Team

Dawson Maier 210.20
Wilton Holloway 199.05
Jared Wenner 193.53
Benjamin Cash 193.35
John Gaddis 192.35

The Female Youth All Star Team

Cassidy Blackmore 161.12
Teylor Boyd 154.61
Lindsay Thompson 150.33
Chelsea Sczuroski 149.52
Marissa Sheets 149.79